A short essay about conquering fear

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What are you actually afraid of? Trying to navigate emotions can be much like attempting to navigate a hall of mirrors. They bounce off the walls of our mind, seeming to be coming from one direction when in reality — the source is hiding around the corner masquerading as yet another reflection.

Reality is as elusive as we need it to be to feel safe from it. But what if there were no need to be afraid of the truth — our truth?

You will eventually reach a point where you’re ready for the maze of illusion to shatter. You…

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A free verse poem about reclaiming sovereignty

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A poem about the subtle yet powerful

What the Earth’s been saying to me

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The Earth has always been my favorite woman to learn from
Contrary to what her flowing streams and fields
Full of vibrant blooms may have you believe
She is not always gentle
She is wild in all of the ways
That get us to where we’re meant to go

Last month she sent me sailing
Down an icy hill three times
In one week

Each day I set out on my walk to work
Determined to not slip
In that same spot

The one I was sure would break my bones

And she made sure I failed
And fell enough times…

Without it, there would be no need for miracles, and we would not know the joy of receiving them.

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Climbing the proverbial stairway to heaven involves a lot of fumbling around in the dark. In a way, the human experience is a lot like being drunk, trying to make it back home without falling down — except instead of alcohol, it’s the “love and light” mentality doing the real damage.

When we deny our shadow and fail to integrate it, it becomes a poison that rises up and keeps us down, bruised, and waking up confused.

An Unintegrated Shadow is an Expert Trickster

It often masquerades as acts of love, all the while standing in the way of it. …

Teaghan Aston

All things “woo” and mindfulness with roots tangled up in poetry and prose.

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